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Raid rules

Raid ready rules:
There are couple requirments to be "raid ready", such as inventory items/gear/different trait tree setup. This checklist can help you to be better prepared and knowledgeable for a raid.

Understanding mechanics
Understanding the raid you are about to attempt is very critical. If attempting an old raid or instance and you are not sure what you are supposed to do, ask kin leader/officers.

Group makeup
Each fight requires different group makeup. Leader/officer is going to form a group with best possible makeup available, to avoid failing the run. It's nothing personal towards you or your class.

Gear requirements
Each fight requires different gear and leader/officer is going to tell you what gear he wants you to use. Be ready to have different gear swaps - such as (full mitigations/full glass cannon/morale build). Depending on the fight/strategy, you will be asked to change your build during the raid.

One character per kinship policy
All of your characters/alts have to be in Faded, there will be no exceptions about this.

AFKing in the raid
During the raid, we will have 10 minute breaks every 2 hours for bio, food, etc. If you need to afk some point before the break, please let the raid leader know, and try to keep it quick. Also, please try to limit your afks, don't afk after every boss fight and trash pull. Don't randomly afk.

Signing up for raids on website
The kinship website is updated daily about upcoming events like raids and pvp. It is important for everyone to check the calender and sign up for events on the website. Doing so helps the raid leader to have an idea of what his group make up will be.

It's also important for you, because without checking the website daily, you won't know what's going on each day for the kin, and could miss out on runs you need.

Stack of Westemnet edhelharn tokens
Stack of doomfold warding and battle scrolls
Stacks of doomfold Wound, Fear, Disease and Poison potions
Stack of Resistance food (Barley and herb mash)
Stack of Stat food (merry berry pie for will, chicken and ithilien vegetable pasties for agility, herb and cheese scones for might)
Stack of Regen food (Roasted boar with aromatic vegetables)
Class specific items (such as hunter focus pots/oil, Captain Tonics, Champion poplar horns, Guardian shield spikes, runekeeper enamel)
Tomes of defence is a mandatory
Gear sets for another role you may be asked to play (full mits/full glass cannon)
Additional things such as mitigation pots from skirm camp or destiny points perks are mandatory
*If you need anything crafted like consumables, ask a kin member or check kinship house chest, it's full of consumables and food free for
every kinship member.*