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Welcome to Faded

Faded is an end-game PvE raiding kinship.

With the new raid coming soon, we are looking for capable, competent, dedicated players with decent knowledge of the game and mechanics to join our raiding team.
As a kinship, we were very succesfull in last raiding content (Throne of the Dread Terror) we were also the only kinship on Arkenstone that undermanned TotDT bosses successfully:
Rakothas T2C 6man server first
Nazguls T2C 6man server first
Vadokhar T2C 6man server first/world second

We will be competing in the next raid for server first. We expect all members to play to their maximum ability in the raid.

About us:

The majority of our playerbase is in Europe. We are most active between 1pm and 6pm servertime.
During raids, we use Discord for voice chat.
A kinship website is used for raid management.
When the new raid arrives, we plan to raid everyday from 1pm to 5pm serverime.
We do have raid rules, feel free to read them at: Here
We do have our own youtube channel, where you can find videos of us raiding/6 manning throne bosses, feel free to check it at: Here
We have our own kinship island, feel free to check it Here and Here

We are currently looking for:

  • Hunter
  • Lore-master
  • Champion
  • Captain

If you play another class, but feel you can fit those terms, feel free to get in contact with us.

If you are interested in joining Faded, fill out application on our website
You can also get in touch with Elzex/Kraumer/Altria/Demiurges/Ytterbium in-game.
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